Why Do I Have Sewer Odor in My Shower?

There are a number of different reasons that sewer odors will emanate from your shower drain. If you are ready to oust this smell today, here are a few things you need:

• A bucket of hot water
• A paint roller
• Baking soda
• All-purpose cleaner
• Drain cleaner additive (Bio Cleanse)
• Anti-bacterial solution
• A flashlight
• A screwdriver
• Determination!

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13 thoughts on “Why Do I Have Sewer Odor in My Shower?

  1. My shower stopped draining fast . It will drain very slowly . I used garbage disposal and it backed up in my shower. How much will a plumber cost .

  2. I have a septic tank. Do any of the items used kill the “live culture “ in the tank? I am limited because of the live culture.

  3. After taking off the drain strainer, how do you get that first piece of pipe out? Is there a special tool needed? I`ve never seen a video that shows any of the plumbers taking that piece out.

  4. Baking soda is a good cleaning agent because it's a base and vinegar is a good cleaning agent because it's an acid. By mixing them together, you are basically neutralizing your solution rendering it no more useful as a cleaning agent than water itself. I'd recommend adding the solutions separately to take advantage of the cleaning properties of each.

  5. Help! I am so frustrated. My shower starts stinking AFTER I take a shower sometimes during. It smells like pure sewage! I have tried bioclean, I've also tried baking soda and vinegar over 20 times. The smell keeps coming back. I've had two plumbers come over to no avail. They don't even help me. I think it's because they don't smell it when they're here. Only one of the plumbers was able to smell the smell and they checked the Trap and everything seems fine. I live in a condo and I am on the second floor. The only thing underneath me is the parking garage. I have called the hoa numerous times and no one will help. Please help me!

  6. I tried all of these steps in
    YouTube and the smell keep coming back, yes it is frustrated. I tried the
    snake, cleaning the drainage with paint roll, purred in  all the chemical
    that Home depot has but the smell keep coming back, Evan I checked all the
    vented line on the roof. But finally I found  the problem,

    The grout around the drainage was
    crack and smell was coming out from it. I had to remove and clean all grout
    around the drainage and Mix (Mortar Mix Rapid set) and pure it in were the
    grout was, wait 24 hours before you shower. the Mix dries real fast. Smell went
    away. Happy wife happy live.

  7. Another solution to solve this problem whilst improving your health from airborne smells and diseases is EzyDrain a chemical free retro fit device which is simple to install in less than a few minutes. The device stops bad smells by using a colloidal silver compound which kills bacteria and diseases you don't even know are lurking in your pipes. Prevention is better than cure…. Please view the film and find out more on line at: http://www.ezydrain.com Recent tests shows the device also helps keep pipe walls clean and reduces soap build up which can attract bugs. All enquires or questions welcomed.

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