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Window Condensation SOLVED!

Here we’ll show you how to eliminate condensation on your windows. If you see moisture on your windows on a cold day you can fix that problem and we’ll show you how.

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  1. Yes there is something wrong with those windows!!

    I am a design consultant with Renewal by Andersen. Seal feature is NOT supposed to happen. The argon gas has leaked out and no longer provides insulation from the cold. That’s called seal failure. If you see moisture on your DUEL pane windows they need to be replaced!

  2. I’m not sure but are new dual pane windows sealed? If they are sealed then the environment inside the window is separate from the environment inside the house or outside. How can the moisture inside or outside affect the moisture inside the window? That doesn’t make sense

  3. Another way to solve the problem is to buy triple-pane glass with double coat low-e IGU with Argon gas. This keeps the indoor glass warm enough so your relative humidity can go up to 61% when it's -20 F to 20 F without getting condensation on the glass.

  4. Do dehumifers and air purfier both kill mold spores and mold I have mold in my bedroom and I use dehumifers and I have plug in air purfier also do they both work and are they both worth using

  5. My house is dry and drafty. Hygrometers read 20-24% and it was 20 degrees last night, new window upstairs had condensation this morning and all the 20yr old widows had bottom edge condensation too! Drapes open! Why is this happening in such a dry house?!? Every morning means crusty noses yet there's a condensation issue? Why

  6. My hygrometers read 20% and main level 24% in winter respectively, and I still get bottom edge window condensation in the winter mornings when it's 20 degrees outside.

  7. 5:15 he says a gas furnace can put a lot of moisture in the air? I don't believe this to be correct at all how's that possible? Running a furnace is known to dry out the air

  8. I have quite drafty windows and they get a lot of condensation. I live in Washington state, so humidity outside in the winter is very high. It is not a point to open a window and let more humidity in. I am running dehumidifier 12 hours a day. I have electric furnace and AC heating. It seems I can’t get rid of condensation on my windows without spending fortune. And even if I replace my windows it still no guarantee I won’t have the foggy windows?

  9. Thank you so much for the explanation. It helped a lot.
    I don't understand the haters that dislike this video. What is to dislike?

  10. Have you heard of TRIPLE PANE WINDOWS ? or how about typical german setups where there are two sets of windows with about a foot of dead space in between? How about you install the same setup but instead of single panes install triples? That would mean a total of 6 panes ! I did just that and my power bill is going to be forever low thanks to that. The greatest thermal loss (or gain) is because of glass – by itself it's the weakest link.

  11. great video from one window guy to another, forwarded it to one of my clients who's wife is having the same issues.

  12. thank you for this video. as a new homeowner of an old home in the south east- this was incredibly helpful.

  13. I had my storm windows cleaned on the outside and they started condensing. ive lived here 18 years and they never fogged or condensed. its on the inside of the double windows. This is summer not winter.

  14. Hi. I've been looking at windows for building a highly insulated house near Chicago. I've looked at windows that are "Passive House" rated and they are outrageously expensive. Most are rated R8 or better (0.125 U Value). I'm trying to figure out if using two separate double windows in a window buck would give me similar performance.
    My walls would be around 12 inches thick so I would place two stops in the window buck. The first stop (a 1.5 inch by 1.5-inch wood picture frame attached to the inside of the buck) would be toward the outside of the window buck and I would attach the window flange to that stop. I would attach the second stop about 5 inches from the inside wall. My theory is that combining two double-pane insulated windows in one opening might give me a high-performance solution for a lot less money. Have you ever heard of anyone doing this? Do you think it will work?

  15. Are you referencing older gas furnaces that were not condensing because my newer furnace makes it seriously dry even in my 1960 leaky house. Just North of Richmond.

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