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Worlds Simplest & Cheapest Way to Get Rid of Fungus Gnats

This Super easy DIY project can be made with very simple at home materials. The fungus gnat paper works like charm and should be replaced every few days just to stay fresh and clean, and sticky.
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  1. Never had a bad issue with them until this year when I took in my friend's pepper sprouts and they were LOADED. Thank you for the fast and easy (and affordable) way to control them. All the plants and I thank you!

  2. Not simple or cheap because it has to continually be replenished.

    What is actually simple and cheap is getting a Sundew carnivorous plant. The more they eat, the faster they will grow and in turn the more they will eat.

    Buy one and periodically clip some leaves and keep them in distilled, rain or reverse osmosis water and keep water to maintain moisture and one plant can be turned into a dozen in a year.

  3. I have learned a ton from these videos, thank you so much for all of your tips! I’m new to gardening and I’m starting a raised veggie bed in my yard. I don’t have a compost bin yet, and so I unfortunately bought store bought compost and soil to start. I filled in the beds last night and this morning I was going to start planting my seeds and I noticed the beds are full of gnats! Will this method described here work on my newly planted seeds outdoors? can I start planting or will the larvae kill all of my seedlings? What do I do? Any help is so appreciated!!! 😁

  4. I think that stick pads are good for Identifying but they don't kill the little bastards eating your plants roots. getting a topping like Miskito bites and a layer of sand or loads or per light all combined or even just sand, doesn't allow these maggots become adults.

  5. Ok. I tried everything but ill share what worked the best. I filled 5-6 bowls with water with a drop of soap and 1 or 2drops of apple cider vinegar and placed them near the window, near the walls and near the plants. I was able to capture not 10s or 100s but 1000s lol! I stressed out so much about gnat problem. So sharing this so it can help someone. And dont forget to plan on changing the top layers of soil or do something to kill the eggs.

  6. Yo, This did not work. Spent $6.98 at HomeDepot on liquid Weldwood Contact Cement. It dried up within 2 minutes and wasted my time and money.

  7. im using vaseline on a yellow paper, i saw a fungus gnat or fruit fly land on it and happily fly away without any resistance 🙁

  8. I love the idea but when I tried it the nats just walked across the petroleum jelly and I laid it on thick any other suggestions to make it sticky here

  9. complete waste of petroleum jelly, i had 7 different strips of yellow AND orange completely covered in jelly placed in various locations around my house for 2 weeks and not a single fly attached to it. bought the bug sticky tape, not 5 minutes after putting it up and already 3 gnats on it, overnight there was over 50.

  10. A quick summary of getting rid of gnats and fruit flies. Create a trap by mixing apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish soap. Another home-made trap is to pour leftover red wine into a jar. Mash up banana slices in a jar and cover the top with a plastic wrap

  11. What kind of soil do you you use? It appears that you have your soil near the top. I did not know your soil suppose to be at the top.

  12. This is an awesome DIY. I was really hoping not to have bugs stuck on papers in my apartment though. Isn't there some kind of repellant that just makes them not want to be here? Vinegar mix of some kind or something? I want them gone, I don't want to display their corpses at dinner parties.

  13. The only thing that's worked for me, is placing a light over a bowl of water at night, when all of the other lights are off. Add a drop or two of dish liquid to the water. These little critters need water, so do it after letting the plants dry out a bit

  14. I love the idea of making your own, although there are a couple things I chuckled about. One was, those little yellow sticky traps, for instance "potted plant insect traps," as they're called, are pretty cheap. I just bought some for about $3. That's easier to me although I certainly appreciate the idea of doing things oneself! The thing I most chuckled about was the comment. "If the product weren't safe, they wouldn't sell it." Roundup is for sale. That was just the first thing that came to mind. I do love this channel, and the information provided here. So an occasional chuckle this worth the price.

  15. Have you come across any additional DIY fly stickies or death attractants over the last several years Luke? This pointer seems very simple. I happen to have some commercial yellow sticky paper in addition to fly tape. The fly tape seems a better attractant. Both are gnat covered. Have not looked closely to see if there are any white flies in the mix. Is yellow workable with aphids? -Bob…

  16. Vaseline doesn't work and neither does the rubber cement as soon as it dries but tanglefoot works fantastically as it is made to stay sticky forever…buy at plant supply store or tree nursery or farm supply

  17. So happy I just saw this. I always thought it was fruit flys but put my traps out and learned they were really fungus gnats. I'm really excited to get a couple of these put out hopefully tomorrow since I have a few plants in the house

  18. The only thing that worked for me was covering with a layer of sand, but especially for a heavy infestation, you’ll need to take it a step further or they’ll just make their way out of any small opening they can find in the sand. After covering with sand, use Mosquito bits as well. This will kill the larvae. You will also need to use sticky traps to catch the adults. So it ends up being a 3 part attack to truly get rid of them. Use the sand layer as a barrier, the Mosquito bits to kill the larvae, and sticky traps to kill the adults so that you end the cycle. Mosquito bits can be purchased on Amazon. As someone who had a severe infestation, and has tried EVERYTHING, I can tell you that this method works.

  19. I get rid off them all or anything with wings by simply oil on the white plate beside the pot. This was the advice of my grandma several years ago (60 ? years ago) because their wings stick on the oil and can't fly anymore.

  20. This doesn't work at all. I watched a gnat walk across the jelly completely unaffected. Why is this video still up? You wasted my money. Shame on you.

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